The Best Shoes for Weight Training

When it comes to weight training or weight lifting the shoes you wear really do matter, we know that you want to look and feel your best when you are working out so we have complied a list of the top 3 best weight training shoes! 

1. DSCMFRT 1.0 

First on our list is the DSCMFRT 1.0 This brand unlike most sneaker brands on the market today was created for the exact purpose of weight training. It offers a hard, flat sole which is ideal for deadlifting, benching and so much more! This sneaker is made of high quality tumbled leather and suede to ensure that they work as hard as you do! The sneakers are also made with care through a verified workplace to ensure proper workplace treatment, unlike some of its competitors.  We also have a discount code to give you $10 Off! use code "TOPPICK" at checkout! 


2. Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid

Second place on our list is the Nike Air Jordan 1 mid, This sneaker comes in tons of different color ways and designs. We gave this sneaker the second place spot because it is a high top which gives it a little extra ankle support for moment such as the squat. This sneaker offers a hard and flat sole, however it can be a bit uncomfortable at times as well as having a more premium price point. 

Custom options are also available in different colors if you want to stand out!

1. Purple Cartoon

2. Fade

3. Blue fade

3. NOBULL Lifters 

Third place goes to the NOBULL lifters, this shoe was designed specially for deadlifting and squatting, This shoe is made out of a very premium leather to ensure durability throughout your lift, The main downsides to this sneaker is that they are pretty pricey (The most expensive on the list) and they aren't shoes you can wear out of the gym. The bottom of these shoes is made from a special. material which will get messed up pretty easily if you wear them out. That being said they are a great choice if you have a good chunk of cash you want to drop! 


We could go on about the various lifting shoes but we know your time is extremely important to you so we brought you our top 3! We hope this list was extremely useful for you and helped you pick your next lifting shoe!